Topic: can someone help? if i was to rebuy a game that i had saved data for would that sava data still be there?

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Basicaly iv been sharing a switch with my brother for awhile and 3 of the games : breath the wild , splatton 2 and mario kart are all downloaded on to his accont.
I had my own accont on the switch and was using these three games but now he has his own switch and now his move the accont over i cant use those three games anymore.
so if i was to re buy the games which im planning to get physhical copys cos i can get them cheaper then downloading will my save data still be there ???
I really hope i wont have to start from scratch mostly from splattoon becuas ei had really good gear and everything.



Not sure if it’s the same thing but I borrowed Mario Odyssey off someone and played through the story then gave it back. When I bought my own copy recently my save data was still there as it was attached to my account.

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As long as your save files are still on your switch then you won't have a problem with those games. The saves files will work with both digital and physical releases.

There are a couple of exceptions, mostly for third party games, or special edition physical releases of digital games.


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Thankyou i know i saw some case of people borrowing games and then getting there own and also people buying downloads of games they already got physchial and still had there save files i just wasnt sure from a download to a phychical im heading out to get both the games so fingers crossed my files are still usable



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