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Just started Blue Reflection, 2nd Light and it is a lot of fun so far. Great plot and characters. As good or better than the first.

How about you? Playing this game? Want to share?

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Currently on Chapter 4. The plot is written effectively enough so that I'm always wanting to progress. The battle system took a while to get used to, but with so many regular demon fights, I was able to get the hang of the mechanics quickly.

The stealth portions of the Heartscapes can get tedious after backtracking through the areas again, though only with the demons who move fast.

I love that constructing facilities around the school results in extra dates as those are often full of dialogue that's effective in fleshing out each character, while adding enough humor and slice of life traits to pace out walking throughout the school.

The main thing I wished I could do over would be how I'm allocating TP since there are more unlocked skills that I would've rather used them on for certain characters after figuring out what the skills do.



I've been hearing about this in the Atelier subreddit since there are a lot of dedicated Gust fans in there. It's piqued my interest for sure, but I've got a massive backlog to get through (including Ryza 2).

Definitely seems like Gust have moved up a tier lately with the popularity of Ryza, Fairy Tale and now this. I'm really happy for them, they've been a little niche studio for so long and deserve some mainstream success.

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Ive often looked at Atelier games with interest but not been sure if they’re right for me. Blue Light, though, does look really interesting. I’ve downloaded the demo, and plan to give it a go. As opposed to downloading the demo and then just forgetting to play it, which is what I usually do (looking at you Triangle Strategy, Valkyria Chronicles 4 and others).

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Played the demo and was surprised how engaging it was.

Waiting for a digital sale. Got it earmarked on DekuDeals

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Curious about this one, I tend to enjoy the more idiosyncratic titles and especially dig the more out there, unique RPG's as well, fairly tolerant when it comes to jank for what it's worth. What other titles would people compare this to?

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I think I’ve come across a bug related to constructing facilities. I have the material but it’s not registering on the school development screen. I can’t upgrade to lvl 3



@Judgedean When you look at the required crafting materials to upgrade facilities, there's also a box that mentions what kind of "talents" are needed to make the materials qualify for use in upgrading. So far I've seen that an upgrade requires the "showcase" talent and then the "masterpiece" talent for the next upgrade.

I've been able to figure out what combinations of characters can craft materials with showcase, but I haven't figured out how to get any materials with masterpiece yet. I'm only at chapter 7 so maybe that talent gets unlocked later on.

(Not sure if talent is the correct description, but you should be able to see the needed trait on the crafting screen around the lower-right portion of the screen.)

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@theepictorkoal Ah thanks! Didn't notice the showcase requirement and how certain characters when selecting for making the material, had that ability.



The timing of the fights and key press is the hardest part of the monster fights. But takes getting used to coordinating both hands. I Grind the girls until they were level 10 before moving on as that helped them survive better and get better hits. So for anyone this is the best advice I can give for starts get them high enough levels and yes it gets boring doing this but you will be glad you did this.



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