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Okay, so I recently got a Switch for Christmas. I sit on my couch maybe 5ish feet from the entertainment center when I play. There were little holes for a DVD player sized thing, the Switch fits in there, but getting the screen in and out would be annoying. I tried moving it behind the TV, but the controllers signal went out so often it made games unplayable (Zelda mainly) because the screen would lock one direction or another, or it wouldn't register my attacks. I then moved it to a little stand on the right side of the entertainment center completely by itself, but it is fairly low, and im not kidding if a water bottle is in the way, or if i lean too far back, it has the same signal loss issue.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, TLDR: Where is the best place to stage/mount the Switch dock to maximize the signal from controllers to the console?

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Mine is next to my tv.



I have controlled my Switch literally through walls before so I am not sure what is causing your issues. Do you have a bunch of wireless signals in the same room? That could be the reason for problems.

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My tv, dvd recorder, router and consoles (Switch, PS4 Pro, XOne S, Wii and WiiU) all stand on two smaller tables directly next to one another. The left one houses the tv, Wii, WiiU and Router and the right one PS4 Pro, XOne S, dvd recorder and Switch. The Switch itself is standing next to the recorder but has room to all sides for air. I commonly play sitting at the end of the couch closest to the tv, thus I am five feet away from the Switch. Never had a controller desync, not even the left joy con. Even in local multiplayer, when my friends sit a few more feet away, neither of us had ever any issues.

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Well, having an unobstructed line of sight between the console and the controllers is always best. Mine's on thesame table as my TV, sort of diagonally behind it. I've never had any trouble, but then again I don't really have anything nearby that interferes with the signal (no other consoles and my router is across the room).

Consider maybe getting a long HDMI cable and placing the console at some distance from your TV, maybe closer to where you sit when you play?



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