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I was thinking of buying either Octopath Traveler, Xenoblade Chronicles or the new Dragon Quest. Which do you think is the best? (Other recommendations are also highly appreciated)



Tales of Vesperia. Great characters, great combat.

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I would go with the new Dragon Quest. It's pretty easy if you don't turn on Draconian Mode (and turning on the Draconian Mode makes it hard), and the story so far is really fun and relaxing. I don't know but I love it.

Octopath while good... I personally felt the only time it shines were the art direction + the boss fight, other than that I can't really recommend it.

I really love XC2 as well, the story is pretty shounen-trope but overall it's really nice one to see, and I enjoyed the combat.



Hard to advise on this one without knowledge on your prior tastes. What are some of your favourite RPGs? What do you like to get out of an RPG? What kind of battle system do you like?

Both Octopath and Xenoblade 2 are excellent games for different reasons. Personally I marginally prefer Octopath, but I can see many preferring Xenoblade.

Not played DQ yet but my understanding is that, at its core, it is very traditional like the rest of the series (personally, this puts me off slightly). However apparently the game is quite expensive and high quality.

At least 2'8".


Check Youtube out for those games your interested in and watch those reviewers playing the game so you can figure which one best fits what your looking at.



Dragon Quest has a 10 hour or so demo up on eShop. You could definitely try that, and I'd recommend doing that before purchasing it.


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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a mighty fine exclusive. Dragon Quest XI is regarded as the best entry in the genre's longest running console series (DQ began before FF). And Final Fantasy X is highly recommended for players new to that series. All are great options.

But there are other categories of rpg. Tactical? Valkyria Chronicles 4. Strategy? Disgaea. Action? Ys VIII. Dungeon Crawl? Diablo III. Open world? Skyrim.

Those would my top-five personal favorites outside of the traditional jrpg.

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My top picks would be DQXI (played on PS4), FFX, Tales of Vesperia (played on 360), XC2, & YS VIII.

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Dragon Quest XI and Octopath are both must owns if you have a Switch.

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Don't get Octopath. Seriously. It's a boring grindfest of a game with a semi-cohesive "story". I got bored after the first 20 hours of grinding. The best part is that all your effort leads to a lot of boringly designed dungeons, some damage sponge boss fights, and a couple cutscenes that don't really have any emotional impact since switching between characters' stories is extremely jarring, and it doesn't allow the player any time to get attached to the characters. Even with all of its issues, I have to give credit where credit is due, It has some great combat, art direction, and music. If I were to rate the game it would receive a 6/10.

XC and DQ on the other hand are great games, I would definitely recommend.

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