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So when does the next challenge start? The thread has been dead since the 14th.

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@Moroboshi876 I've been wondering this too. Round one offered a great set of challenges, if you ask me, so I've been looking forward to seeing what was to come in round two!


I can only assume @Corneel has had some real world matters to attend to. Hope he is okay.

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Like @Lroy mentioned, I had some personal matters to attend to and that caused the challenges to go on an unplanned hiatus.

But now we are back and I hope @Lroy, @Moroboshi876, @Shmupsnstuff and others will join again.
The seasonal format is ditched for now and we just go for a highscore in Blazing Star for this month. Just post a screenshot of your highscore to enter and have your score be placed on the leaderboard.

Besides that we now also opened up the old leaderboards to be challenged at any time. So have a look at the old games we did and have a go at it.

Arcade Challenges High Scores
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Glad this is back up and running! I just picked up a Saturn and plan on playing a lot of the shmups on it, but that won't stop me from participating in this once again.

I also somehow randomly started following the Arcade Challenges Twitter account before seeing it here. It shows I'm ready to jump back in and participate. Looking forward to reconnecting with a lot of you again and to start having even more fun on these challenges.

Who created the website? I want to make a small edit to my name. Also, I need to resubmit my Tengai score it looks like. Also, what were the rules for Virtua Racing? I spent a lot of time with that and put up some good times.

Nevermind on the rules for Virtua Racing. I looked back through the thread and found it. I had to improve on my time tonight, but did it! Time to work more on the shmups!

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@CaffeinatedGamer Hi! Glad you are joining us again for this challenge! We missed you during the previous challenges. And also great that you found us on Twitter.

The website is run by me. I have just changed your name, there was indeed a typo. Should look good now. And congratulations on the number one spot with Virtua Racing, that sure is a quick time! The other leaderboards are now open as well, so be sure to check previous challenges to see what you missed.

We did run another Tengai challenge with 0 continues. The old one was with two continues, so that is probably why your score is absent from te leaderboards. But you are more than welcome to submit a highscore using 0 continues.

Have fun during this challenge with Blazing Star (and maybe some old challenges)!

Also, making steady progress with Blazing Star:

Arcade Challenges High Scores
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@Corneel Hey! I certainly have missed these challenges too, so it's good to be back. I enjoyed this community and was shocked that it's been over a year since I was last participating here. Can't believe it's been that long!

Thanks so much for making the edit to my name on the leaderboard. I'll go back through to find all the rules for each of the challenges and participate in those as well.

By the way, I improved my Virtua Racing time by almost another second. I'm now sitting inside the top 100 overall!


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Ive gone ahead and added most of you guys. Bought a switch almost just to play shmups on the go. Been playing a lotta zerogunner2 and sky force anniversary lately. I do own gunbird 2 but i dont think im gonna touch some of these score lol. gg glad to see ppl in the scene interacting



Are you guys doing any current challenges or anything? I'm starting to get into shmups again lately.

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yeah i need a new challenge too. pretty pissed that isnt on the au estore



Sorry to necro-bump this one but come of you might be pleased to know that we are bringing back Arcade & SHMUP challenges on Adult Switch Gamers' Discord server (invite link: and on Twitter (account: @AdultSwitchGmrs).
We're currently hosting a 2-week long ACA NEOGEO PUZZLE BOBBLE 2 contest.
Hope to see you guys there!

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