Topic: Any space themed games recomendations?

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Hi there!

I really like space themed games and I'm having troubles to find a space themed game for my brand new Nintendo Switch. I already know of Everspace and it's already in my Wish list. And I also know that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is launching at some point this year.

But I wanted to know if it's some other good space game already on the market.

Thanks for your responses!

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I guess there's Starlink. It gets some hate, but I think it's a pretty decent game overall and it's on sale fairly frequently.

Good call on Everspace, too. I really like that one.

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Alien Isolation. If you are a fan of at least the first couple movies you'll love it! Very close to the source material. It's a FPS space/horror game that's more stealth than shooty and your ammo is limited. Seriously check it out!

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Steamworld Dig / Dig 2 / Heist!!! GalakZ (free)



Xeodrifter is on sale right now for just 0.99, you might want to check it out if you like Metroidvanias.

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OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, a visual novel about scientists attempting to rediscover Earth, which had been misplaced by the human race far into the future.

I'll give another nod to Everspace, it's a 3D space shooter / roguelike.

Warframe, a F2P 3rd person online co-op action game. One of my favorites from this generation of consoles.

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Red Faction Guerilla is a fun game where you can blow up pretty much anything and it's set on Mars

Element is a space strategy game set on small planets & Steamworld Heist is a great space pirate game



Jedi Outcast is a good value at $10



Thank you very much people! I think I'm going to need a good SD card for all those gems



Milkmaid of the Milky Way. An alien abduction point&click.

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