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Still waiting for Devil World 2.


NintendoLand was a mistake from a branding and business perspective. It was trying to be super accessible like Wii Sports, but franchises like F-zero and Metroid aren't going to have even close to the appeal Miis and sports would.

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Octane wrote:

everyone needs to relax and enjoy the games that are released today and stop worrying what Nintendo will do in a year or two from now.

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I want it. But will they do it? I'd pay double for a sequel if it helped but I think that game will stay unique to the Wii U. If NCL was superstitious about it I couldn't blame them



No, they said they would be working on Mario Ballet.

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Keep it PG-13-ish.



I love nintendoland, it's a great game!

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@BlueSkies: no I'm serious. I had loads of fun with nintendoland as a multiplayer game. Not all its sections are fun, but most hit a home run to me.

Probably the best have been the mii tag, the luigi's mansion one and the animal crossing to me.

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Yeah, Nintendo Land is pretty good. I never understood why so many people complained about it.

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I thought it was a pretty amazing game. Put way too many hours into it. I should definitely go back some day to get the last remaining stamps, some of the challenges were absolutely brutal. I'd be down for another Nintendo Land, different attractions and all of course.



skywake wrote:

Yeah, Nintendo Land is pretty good. I never understood why so many people complained about it.

They lacked friends or family to play it with.

I would like Nintendo to continue with the NintendoLand series, it's a brilliant bunch of games

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Hopefully not.
I really liked NintendoLand, but Nintendo has to sell the new system as quickly as possible, make money and get the press on their side. It's pretty clear you can't do that with NintendoLand and Miis. Sadly, a game where you are a troglodyte who beats the living crap out of a pterodactyl while Blue Oyster Cult play in the background** would have far more chances to grab the general audience than NintendoLand.

**before anyone thinks it would be awesome - it's a really stupid idea with even stupider music.

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No, I don't think it's a good idea. Nintendo Land as a concept just doesn't have the necessary popular appeal to sell systems, and the lack of success of the original game kind of proves that. Stick to a 'casual' game that an average joe can easily understand the appeal of.

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The problem with how Nintendo treated Nintendo Land is that they didn't utilise the IP within Nintendo Land as a basis for its identity. Judging by both the box art and the screenshots, it looks like a fairly generic tech demo (and I'm saying this as somebody who has enjoyed the game and has introduced it to others). Nintendo really should have made the various IP intrinsic to the game's identity rather than marketing it as something that resembles a new Wii Play-style game. I would also argue that the collection of games were insufficient considering the simplistic nature of several of the games.

What do we see when we look at the covers for the Super Smash Bros. games? Nintendo's best loved franchises united. With Nintendo Land what do we see? A giant GamePad surrounded by equally generic looking Mii characters (even if the characters are dressed up as Link or Samus, this isn't entirely obvious at-a-glance). If I had not looked into the game, I would not have bought it had it not been included as a pack-in title. That's just how bland and generic it looks (judging superficially as opposed to its merits).

With that said, a second Nintendo Land game would be welcome, but Nintendo will need to do a better job of showcasing their IP.

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No, Nintendo Land is one of the things that ruined the Wii U's chance of success. That said, Nintendo will probably make a Skylanders/Infinity/Dimensions style game for amiibo as a launch title given amiibo's insane popularity.


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I always thought that Nintendo Land should be the console equivalent of Mii Plaza:

Have it pre-installed (with the option to delete) on NX consoles.

Have four games/maps included initially but release new ones to tie in with every major game launch to bring users back and build on current popularity. Either charge a small fee for this, or have them included on the disc of new game releases. E.g. You buy the new Mario Kart and can install the new Nintendo Land game/map from its disc.

Also have existing Amiibo unlock additional games/maps. They don't have to be huge but smaller mini games at least.

Allow users to purchase costumes/hats/accessories for their Mii via tickets won from Nintendo Land games. Allow these items to be worn/displayed outside of Nintendo Land and you've got yourself free advertising. E.g. you see someone wearing a cool Metroid costume and immediately boot up Nintendo Land to get one for yourself.

Simple ideas but I've learned never to expect common sense from Nintendo.

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Grumblevolcano wrote:

No, Nintendo Land is one of the things that ruined the Wii U's chance of success. That said, Nintendo will probably make a Skylanders/Infinity/Dimensions style game for amiibo as a launch title given amiibo's insane popularity.

How does a single game ruin a console's success? I'd put the blame on the lack of launch titles, not on Nintendo Land.



it would be welcome... if it had online multiplayer

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I want it if it had more things to do because the original got dry really fast and I was hoping for DLC.

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I doubt it. I loved Nintendo Land, but I think the problem with it was it wasn't something as simple and easy-to-play as Wii Sports.

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