Topic: Am I the only one who can't view my Nintendo Switch Digital Purchases?

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Edit: It seems there is no longer a list of "previous purchases" anywhere. You just need to use the receipts you were emailed as proof of purchase..

Hey there everyone, this is a cross post from reddit because even Nintendo Support can't find a solution for me.

1. Go to
2. Sign in to your Nintendo Account, and select "Shop Menu."
3. Select “Purchase History.”

When I follow these instructions, all I get is this but no actual Purchase History link

I've called tech support, and they have no idea why I can't see it. All they can tell me is that "After clicking on the 'shop menu' on the left nav, there's a link for 'Just for You' and 'Purchase history' below your CC info"

I've bought 8 games, and I'm about to deactivate my switch and send it in for repairs, but I have no proof of purchases

**Will someone else please replicate this, try to view your digital switch purchase history and let me know if it works? I've tried this on PC with Chrome, Firefox, and even Edge!**


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test post, please ignore



all I see is my wallet balance when I follow your steps, I do not have a purchase history to click on

tested on Safari, Chrome and Firefox

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Thanks a ton ValhallaOutcast, peeps on reddit are saying the same thing, looks like the customer service script hasn't caught up with the marketing/web changes.

Here's a comment from reddit: It shows up for me. Buuut even so, it doesn't show any purchase history when I click on the link. It just tells me to check for receipts in my email. There's no actual list or anything so you aren't gonna find anything there anyway. Here's what it says:
To view purchase details for Nintendo Switch content, please refer to the receipt sent to your Nintendo Account email address. To view purchase details for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U content, please access Nintendo eShop on your device. Please note that after you merge funds between Nintendo Network ID and Nintendo Account, the receipts will be sent to your Nintendo Account email address.

so there's no place to view it in a list like PSN, Steam, etc... you just need to use your receipts from email... don't delete them just in case



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