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I recently bought a nintendo switch and linked my nintendo account, but i can't edit my account profile. I try changing my name, my icon, and it doesn't save. It doesn't show my hours on what games i have played either. I added my friends account to my switch to see if changing the icons and name would work and it did. I don't know whats wrong with my account and i don't really want to make a new one because all my save data would be gone. Please help



You should contact NIN support users on here can't help with account issues due to privacy issues.



@Avocadobobatea Gameplay times don't display until 10 days after you first play the game. Weird, but that's how it works.

Regarding your account, this can be a complicated thing to answer. Someone else might chime in, but it's also possible your best option could be to call Nintendo. I'll give you a link to page that has links to Nintendo Support directions for about 11 commonly asked questions regarding setting up an account, multiple accounts. You may find the answers there before someone else chimes in here.

Nintendo Support line is actually really good. I've had very positive results when I've called them. 800-255-3700 Nintendo of America, Seattle Washington

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