Topic: 2 videos of -fan made- NX mockups and how haptic buttons could work

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Not sure about those "transparent" buttons but this update shows how it could be made with buttons that pop out:

Here's a video of Tactus' now almost 4 years old technology:

I wouldn't mind something like what these mockups propose, but in the end I guess I'd still prefer a "normal" console with a "normal" controller and just tons of games, with everything else being optional.

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OMG the end of the second one was perfect XD I really like the second one in general

The NX is going to be delayed to Holiday 2017 you heard it here first, also It should be pretty obvious what my favorite game of all time is cough Skyward Sword cough

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If they were to do it then they'd go closer to the first one. Though having a screen behind the buttons themselves would be pretty hard if not impossible. It's possible to have a screen ontop of the buttons but that'd be expensive. What they could easily do is have them LED backlit.

Something along the lines of this, sorry for the very average 5 minute photoshop:
edit: a few things I missed. The speakers would have to move, presumably to the bottom section. Start/Select would also have to be on the base next to the home button. The top screen is 16:9 which matches the bottom if you were wondering. Also yes the map I've put in there is wrong and some of the onscreen stuff is squashed in there. That's not the point.

As a controller? It'd effectively just be the bottom section by itself. And probably a wider aspect ratio. Though TBH I don't see the point of this outside of a portable system. The way I see it this is a "solution" to packing more screen real estate into a system without increasing its size. With a home console controller there are no such restrictions on size.

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