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I see we cannot post screen shots, I came here to show people what I had gotten from the Holiday pipe. I did the 45 gem pipe twice. I only got silver and gold items, the gold items I already had. While I did level up some characters, I did not get any new characters. I spent 90 gems for nothing. I took screenshots of what I got incase anyone would like to see. I may post on reddit as well. This is ridiculous! Do not put money into this game!!



@Zarra If you want to post screen shots, you can use this site:
(edit: you'll need to upload the picture to that site first, either from your phone or your PC)

From the resulting list of links, that you'll get, copy the one that says: "Direct Link" and then paste it into a comment here.

If you want the image to show up immediately, use the following command line:

[ img ] paste the link that the picture upload site created here [ /img ]

And your picture will show up right here.

In this example, I added spaces in between the brackets, but you need to remove these to make it work and show the picture, so remove any and all spaces that are left, after you've pasted the link in between them, as mentioned above.

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