Topic: Dr. Mario is coming to mobile as "Dr. Mario World" in Summer 2019.

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Perfect for Sw-erm...I mean mobile.

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Dr Mario is perfect for mobile, can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before. Brilliant move on Nintendo’s part.



Oh my mom will love this. They better include the Brain Age version!

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Ugh.... 🙄
I prefer Console or Handheld version, not the mobile version.

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Candy Crush but better. φ(・_・

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They’ll probably make it much more like Surgeon Simulator to appeal to those kids on their smartphones. Probably have it be rated M. It’ll be a great fit for the series!


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Will definitely give this a go. Don't usually play mobile games but Dr Mario is perfect for it. It's still the only game on the NES App that I still consistently play. Looking forward to finally seeing a refresh for the franchise!

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Dr. Mario is a fantastic puzzle game (Puyo Puyo is a rip off of it, don't @ me), and a personal favorite of mine.
really wanna see what kinda new ideas are thrown into the mix.
I wasn't really impressed with Miracle Cure.


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...Meh, all the other mobile games were either boring/didn't last long or didn't interest me.

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I wasn't much of a fan of Dr Mario on the NES app, mainly due to the controls. I was always a Tetris guy. But if they make an enhanced version of the NES classic, or a worse version of the Wii Ware game, I will be up for it. I'm not saying straight up port, just a way to let us play Dr Mario on our phones


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@Aozz101x This is a good choice of a Nintendo title to put on mobile. Puzzle games like this are a reasonable fit to playing on a phone. Still inferior to playing on console or PC would be, but, that's all games.

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