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What did everyone think of the Marvelous showcase earlier today? No new platforms for the games revealed, but I’d imagine most of them would come to Switch:

  • Loop 8: Summer of Gods (will be on Switch)
  • Fashion Dreamer (will be exclusive to Switch)
  • Project Magia (designs by the Fairy Tail creator)
  • Project Life is RPG (no details yet)
  • Two new Story of Seasons games: one traditional and one with online multiplayer
  • Rune Factory: Project Dragon
  • Rune Factory 6
  • Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion

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Rune Factory: Project Dragon is the thing I'm looking forwards to most.

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Rune Factory Dragon Country has all my attention. But as always looking forward to a new story of seasons. I enjoyed olive town but hope this one will have better performance out the gate.

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Pretty cool stuff. Five games I am looking forward to. They are really giving it their all.


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Senran Kagura is dead. That's sad. I expected some Switch ports or something.

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