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So basically, last I used it was around 1 month ago (it was completely fine then and I haven't touched it at all since then), and I picked it back up again today to play a bit, only to find that when I close the lid of the console it completely powers down instead of just going into sleep mode. I don't know if this is a hardware issue or a software bug since I've factory reset the N2DSXL from settings and I still have the problem, so I assumed its a problem with the hardware. But I tried to close the lid in the middle of downloading software, it didn't power off, and I assume that if there was a problem with the hardware (I've read that top LCD ribbon cable damage is the most common cause of this problem), it would always power off regardless of whether or not a download is happening. Should I just take it in to a repair shop or is there something I can do on my own?



@warpedcow I don't see anything in Nintendo support for that issue (this is usually a good sign there's a hardware issue). Since joining here in 2017, I've never seen anyone mention that issue, that's all I can say. So, it might not be a common issue. Unless someone else here knows, you may need a repair place to diagnose what's causing it to power off when you close the clam shell. And the diagnosis will dictate whether it's something you can fix or not. Forgive me if that's not that helpful. Tech questions on nintendolife often get little attention.

Nintendo might still service the New 2dsxl, if you hadn't considered that route. You could ask them what turnaround times should be. They used to aim to get stuff back within two weeks, but that was pre-pandemic. I don't know what they're like currently.
(usually it's pretty easy to get a person on the phone at nintendo. They have minimal menu tree, but you may want to say "representative" to get a person on the phone quicker.ūüėČ)

Otherwise, yeah, sounds like you need the help of a local console repair place (often a retro store) by you, or Nintnedo. (I used estarland near DC for my gamecube a year ago. I had to go in person, since nobody ever answered the repairs phone line via the number on their website. Their repair info on there website was so out of date, the site wasn't helpful.)

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Thank you for your reply! I've noticed that my charging LED also turns off randomly while my console is charging, and after reading some threads from people with this issue, replacing the battery seemed to work. I'll be purchasing this >

set so I can open up my console and replace my battery to see if that fixes anything, and maybe check out if the LCD ribbon cables are frayed or pinched or whatnot. If all else fails, I've found a local repair shop near me that does repairs on N2DSXLs.


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