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Hey all you wonderful internet people, I have an issue, and I'm sure I am not the only one.

I booted up my Wii U to try out a few of the new updates to Mario Kart 8, however when I try to load up the game, the game gets caught on the black loading screen. I can hear the racing sounds, however it just sits there forever.

I've tried to go into my settings, and delete all the DLC updates from before, re installed fresh, however still no go!

Someone suggested booting the WII U up with a PRO controller, however that did not work as well.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue? I'm all ears.

Hopefully one of you wonderful people can Halp!



Maybe your save data got corrupted, do not i repeat do not reformat your system just contact nintendo



I just sent in a ticket a few moments ago, I hope to hear back from them. soon I will post their suggestions on how to fix the issue, so future people can fix this easily. Since this is pretty f'ing ridiculous. How does a bug this bad slip QA?

You don't suggest I delete my save file do you? I'll wait till I hear back from Nintendo before I do something like that. I would hate to loose all my damn coins, and gold trophies.

Feel free to offer suggestions while I wait. Would love to try out the new content I paid for 6 months ago.



I deleted all my game files. I followed these intructions

1. Removed MK8 disc from drive
2. Go into your storage management and delete ALL MK8 files (DLC, Mercedes pack, Update, Shared, Save data) - you are going to lose all your tracks and things you've earned so be warned.
3. Turn off the Wii U
4. Unplug the Wii U from the power (I left it unplugged for over 24 hours as the first time I tried unplugging it for 10 minutes it did not work).

5. Plug the Wii U back in
6. Check to see if there are MK8 files in your storage management
7. Put MK8 disc back in the drive
8. Select MK8
9. Let the auto-update run and see if the game plays now (this is the part I could never get to until I left it unplugged for over 24 hours after erasing the data)

10. If it plays go ahead and exit out and you should see MK8 data in storage management now (Update, Shared, Save data)
11. Download DLC and let it update. I stood beside it the whole time to make sure it didn't somehow shut off/sleep.
12. See if the game plays now and the new DLC is there
13. Exit game
14. Download Mercedes DLC (if you had it) and let it update
15. Play game if it is working and get all those tracks/racers back that you lost.

But no success . It's only with this game.

Did they repaired yours? What did they say it was?



I just got mind today and yeah mind too won't load im so mad takeing back get my money back and download it on the shop
people say its work batter then the disc



....Yeah this bump was kinda pointless.

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