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I have a big issue with my sons switch. He dropped it in water and the screen died, however when connected to the dock it works.

The swtich reseted to factory settings and now i need to finish the set up and im "stuck" in the connect both joycons to the console step.

My issue is that it recognises the right joycon but not the left. And i've tried a diferent set and i know the right one works because i can hear the sound of the right joycons clicks. Nothing on the left.

Any suggestions ??



Could the left side of the Switch also have been damaged when it was dropped in water?

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@Saraivix Disregard if you've done these. Just thinking out loud.

After the factory reset, perhaps the console hasn't recognized the joycons yet. An alternative way to sync joycons to console: If you have a joycon charging grip, use the charging grip with usb cable plugged into the dock to sync the joycon with the docked console. (If you don't have a charging grip, don't worry about it.)


Is the left joycon charged? Wondering if the battery has been run down. If you dock it, with joycons attached, I think it should charge it ok, even if you leave the setup where it's currently at. If your joycon charge was fully depleted it may take 30-45 minutes of charging to get it back to a state where it will function. (That's a common issue with rechargable electronics that have let the battery run down fully.)

And just in case, here's Nintendo Support's troubleshooting page for "Joycon not recognized"

If none of these things solve it, then something probably needs repair. Tough to say if a new joycon will solve it, or if the problem is with the Swtich tablet.

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@StarPoint it was working(ish) before it went into reset mode...

The left remote charges when connected to the dock.


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