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So earlier today I was playing games on my 2ds xl and wanted to get on Nintendo Badge Arcade. While I was loading in the bunny popped up and told me that there was a problem with either my storage being full or my sd card was write protected (which neither was). restarted my system and opened the badge arcade again and got the same thing. i looked up how to fix this and it had something to do with the extra save data. and so i deleted the nintendo badge arcade extra save data and booted up the badge arcade. it took a few minutes and the rabbit popped on my screen saying stuff about data and was gonna do something (i cant remember). i then waited for a moment and the rabbit told me everything is fixed and i can enjoy the game. but a few seconds later the badge arcade game crashed and the system had to do a force restart. now that i booted up my system, the following is missing or cant be opened:

Downloaded games from the eshop (missing)
Mii Plaza progress ( says software-update data for streetpass mii plaza could not be found, then told me if i wanted to update, i picked yes and gave it a few moments. then gave me error 009-4079 could not access sd card)
Eshop (cant be opened cause it gives me error code 007-0200)
theres probably more stuff i havent checked yet.

Yet I still have the following:
My themes
Badges from badge arcade
Mii Maker Mii's
(probably more stuff)

(Ive also had problems with my 3ds camera crashing when opened and had to do a force restart myself, idk if its relevant in any way)

i havent experience any of this (except the camera app) until now.

Please help me!



@Armand0 I'd edit your title for better attention. Generic titles that say "I need help" often get ignored. A title like this would be better: "Nintendo Badge Arcade (2ds/3ds) no longer works. Has anyone gotten this, or know how to fix?".

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