Topic: Fighter Pass Volume Removed after Buying a new Switch Lite

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Long story short,

I've lost fighters after linking my Nintendo Account to my new Switch.

I think I know where the problem is, but seriously, is Nintendo going to expect me to pay nearly £27 for characters I've already paid for.

Fighter Pass 1 was a retail code I bought at GAME not long after the game's release (which entitled me to Plant for free) This was used in the e-store. Rookie mistake, I admit on my brothers Nintendo account

Fighter Pass 2 I bought digitally on the e-store on MY Nintendo account due to the convenience of my payment details.

After purchasing a brand new console (Switch Lite) for myself, I'd found that my Vol 1 Roster was gone.

Is there any way to get the Vol 1 roster applied to my own personal Nintendo account? or is there a way to mirror the linked accounts onto the second switch?



It didn’t download onto your brothers account since he downloaded it to his? If not, do you still have the code for the DLC?

If none of those work here’s these: one of them s for BOTW, but it should still apply to Smash bros.

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If you used your brothers account when you redeemed the code then the content will be locked to that account.
Chances are you are going to have to buy it again for your own account unfortunately.



If you’ve redeemed Pass 1 via your brother’s NNID, then you will have to buy it again via your own. Same applies for Piranha Plant as it’s separate from the Fighter Passes. I assume that Pass 2 is all well and good on your console, yes? (in which case, your brother will need to buy his own pass if he wishes to access those characters again)

Welcome to the wonderful world of paid DLC.

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This is not the case. I can download all my games and DLC to all of my systems, as long as I log in with the account I bought the games/DLC with.


Dlc sharing only works on the accounts primary system.

You’ll either have to buy the dlc again for yourself, or convince your brother to move his primary setting to your new switch.


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