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Does deleting demo save data mess up the save data from the full game?
Just asking because I wanna delete save data from the Pokémon mystery dungeon demo but I’m afraid that it’ll mess with the full games save data.



You can delete it. Demo save data is separate. If you're not sure, check the title of the save data. If it says "demo", you're fine.

Some games can import demo saves, but that creates a separate file.

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@Greatluigi So, you've deleted the demo(game), and you still want to delete the demo's save data? I would think your full-game save data should be fine? But I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to hear from someone else here.

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@LzWinky K thanks!
I’m gonna keep this up because
A.i don’t think I can delete discussions and
B. In case someone else wants to know.


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