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Hi. I have deleted a few mii’s from the system menu on our switch but they still appear on the mariokart mii list. The game is a cartridge - how do we delete them from mariokart 8?



@Andy1234 edit: Saves are on internal Switch memory, not on the cart.

Because of the game's design, you can't access Mario Kart 8 without setting a Mii, and doesn't let you delete your Mii. The game won't let you. I tried. And the Mario Kart 8 save file holds onto what ever Mii was last used.

So, our only option is to edit the Switch user Mii. You can make generic Mii, a nintendo character Mii, like Mario, Luigi, peach, or a faceless looking Mii if you don't want a face on the Mii. (You can shrink eyes, nose mouth, and place them under the Mii's hair, I think, or behind glasses).

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