Topic: Bought Switch in France, am UK resident, Nintendo refuses my credit cards

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Can anyone help me find a way around this issue. I'm a UK resident, in France for holidays. I bought a Switch here in France, and am still in France.

I've created my account, and set myself to be a UK resident. My cards are all UK based too. I've tried all of them and none of them let me make a purchase.

It keeps asking me to verify my card information.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Feel like I just bought a Porsche but don't have the keys.

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This might not be a problem with your Switch, check your cards online. When I first got my PS3 years ago my Bank locked my credit card assuming it had been stolen because I had never purchased gaming stuff with it before and suddenly bought a PS3, a couple games and a PSN Plus subscription. Clearly this is an older post though, I hope you haven't gone all this time with no luck.

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