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I have a question regarding Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

I heard this game is supposed be be played on a regular basis like daily. But I might not check the game everyday. Do I get any penalties if I don't play it for a while or can I still enjoy the game without playing it on a regular basis?



Not really...aside from those annoying weeds. (and villagers leaving)

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There are some drawbacks to not playing for a long stretch, but they're not as harsh as the previous games in the series. As Megumi mentioned, the worst thing that can happen is that villagers you like might move out (the way it works in the game is that a villager will tell you that they're thinking of moving away, and you have the opportunity ask them to stay — of course, if you don't play, you miss the opportunity to ask them). New villagers also move in while you're not playing, though.

You'll also get flowers dying and weeds growing, but since you play the role of the Mayor in the game, you can pass ordinances in your town that affect the game. One ordinance ensures that your flowers never die and that very, very few weeds grow. If you just can't be arsed by weeds at all, there's a gardening service that will pick your weeds for a tiny fee.

I think that's about it. I've gone for months without playing, and it's still a good time.



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