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Anyone else having a problem opening the comments on articles when on mobile?

It started happening around 7-10 days ago. It began quite sporadic, but now much more frequently. I'm now noticing that it is nearly certainly linked to the advertising which is ominously failing to load on the pages.

Have you introduced a new ad format or anything recently?

Samsung Galaxy mobile
Samsung Internet app
Android 11



@antdickens Currently, I get this quite often.
I've had I before, but very occasionally. However, in the last week or two, it has been very frequent.
Basically, clicking on "click to view comments" does nothing.
However, if I long press on there and open in another tab, it usually works from there.
Chrome on some version of Android.



@antdickens Yea, exactly- clicking the link just doesn't do anything. The advertising not loading could be a coincidence, but I'm pretty sure it's related because when the ads load the comments link works fine!



@antdickens Ads are covering articles and the side menu widgets quite frequently on mobile at present. I have a tablet that's less than three years old and had the latest version of Android when I got it so I doubt that it's SO outdated that it doesn't work. Your site works great on PS4 at present which is FAR more outdated than my tablet. ūüėČ

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