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Today i closed my 3ds xl putting it into sleep mode, when i opened it about 3 hours later the top screen was off, i put it in sleep mode again, same thing, the bottom screen is working fine and i managed to find a suitable save point. i could move the top screen and it would flicker on and off in a distorted way but eventually it just stayed off. the top screen is blacklit but will not come on, ive turned my 3ds on and off, and restricted the 3d feature, but they haven't worked, ive searched for solutions but this seems a little different then black screen of death and that's all that's showing up.
i bought this 3ds xl pre-owned about 2-3 years ago and i haven't dropped it or anything like that, its not been in any dusty environments.
all the information ive seemed to have gathered is that these are defects that happen after a while, is there a obvious fix for this that im missing? or do i just have to pay for a defect that i hate doing with products.
please help?



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