Topic: 12 Year old child's account always asks for permission to play Civ 6

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My 12 year old's account on the Switch requires permission through email every time he goes onto Civ 6. No matter how many times I allow it to share account information with 2K, it will always ask again when I boot it up. I'm not sure if it is part of the problem but Amazon sent up the American version instead of the European version. Thanks for any help!

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@Laoak I don't have this game, but I've seen games that are ports from other platforms still have a prompt to log-in (a leftover piece from original PC/Xbox/PS4 versions of the game), but on the Switch it can be skipped.

If anyone else can help better than me, but all means, chime in

If you spelled out "Civilization VI" in the thread title, I think, maybe that could get more pointed attention. I could be wrong. You can also ask this question in the Civilization VI thread, in case anyone gets notifications for activity in that thread. I have "Watch Topic" enabled for Splatoon 2, and a few other threads so I get email notifications any time someone adds a new comment.

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