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Zelda: Breath of the Wild VS Horizon: Zero Dawn. (Patbacknitro Reviews)
Unless you have been sleeping under a rock for the past few weeks, you should know that BOTW and Zero Dawn have been in a fierce competition among gamers everywhere. 1 thing everyone can agree on is that both games are really good and fun to play, but which game is better? Well I will be the decider of that, and I will be judging both games in different categories such as plot, gameplay, Solidness, ect.

Solidness - Zelda:6/10 - Zero Dawn:9/10
Both games are very solid. Neither one has yet to have a game breaking glitchs, and every feature in the game works perfectly fine and the controls are very responsive for both titles. That being said 1 thing that can be said is BOTW is not the smoothest game. Being played on either the WiiU or Switch can at times be slow in framerates, with the best way of playing it so far is in tablet mode, and even then its about 30FPS. While Zero Dawn is a much smoother game, where the FPS rarely drops, and when it does it usually involves the Long Neck Dinosoars taking up a lot of processing power. So while both game are perfectly solid, its no surprise that Zero Dawn runs twice as smooth as BOTW.

Gameplay - Zelda:10/10 - Zero Dawn:8/10.
Both games are similar in terms of gameplay. In both games you will spend some time hunting and forging for materials. In both games the combat is much more about Stealth and planning, rather than going in and hack and slashing your way through. And both game do have a strong emphasis on using technology to help you solve multiple situations. And as said before both have very responsive controls so playing either game feels like a breeze. However it shouldn't be a surprise Zelda wins this one, simply because of the 2 games. To put it simply, Zero Dawn is much more limited. Zelda is set in a fictional world, where the balance of Fiction and Reality are much more different from our own. In BOTW you can climb up any wall you find, something that can't be done in Zero Dawn. You can soar across the sky on a glider from mountain to mountain, something that can't be done in Zero Dawn. In BOTW you have multiple weapons at your disposal such as a fire rod, Ice pillar, Magnesis, bombs, and one that can stop the flow of time on an object, and so much more that gives you brand new ways of exploring the environments and it gives you so much more freedom to play the game however you want to. Zero Dawn doesn't have such things. My point is Zero Dawn is a much more limited game compared to BOTW. Even in terms of exploration BOTW has much more freedom than Zero Dawn, but you can't fault Zero Dawn for its limitations. Zero Dawn is meant to take place with real world physics like ours. Ofcourse Alloy can't climb up every wall, she isn't spider man. Ofcourse Alloy can't soar across the sky on a clothe, she would fall out of the sky. Its a game thats very limited because its set in a limited world, and theirs nothing wrong with that. Despite its limitations what it does, it does well. When it comes to hunting you can set traps, learn the paths of certain creatures, befriend creatures to attack other robots for you, you can climb on giant robots and get the lay of the land, not to mention a large variety of weapons and traps at your disposal. So both are still very good in terms of gameplay, but 1 is just much more limited.

Plot - Zelda:10/10 - Zero Dawn:10/10
I could go on for hours about the story's of these 2 games but to avoid that as well as avoiding spoilers you can see both story's for yourself. And actually both story's are very similar. In the fact that a great evil has turned technology against man, causing world wide devastation and pushing people towards the brink of destruction. Both story's get much deeper than that, but thats for you to experience in your own adventures through those games.

World - Zelda10/10 - Zero Dawn 10/10
The worlds in both of these games are beautiful, but in their own ways. The world in BOTW is so bright and splendid to look at, while Zero Dawn is so dark yet appealing. Both worlds contrast each other, yet each one is still so very gorgeous to look at. Its impossible to place 1 over the other, as both games master what style they were going for. Not to mention just watching the wildlife and enemy's roaming the environments is just so interesting to watch on its own. Both games just have amazing worlds.

Replayability - Zelda 10/10 - Zero Dawn 8/10
Both games are really fun to play through for the first time, but when it comes to playing multiple times, BOTW may just slide on by. While Zero Dawn is great its limitations may not make it as fun to keep playing over and over. Once you get the hunting down and you start getting a lay out of the world map, it won't feel as fun to hunt or explore when you keep doing it over and over, and for multiple playthroughs no less. But BOTW is much different, with you being able to solve any situation in multiple ways, you can play through the game 3 times and each one would feel uniquely different. This game is so free that their are main temples that are connected to the main plot of the game, that you don't even need to complete in order to beat the final boss. So after you beat the game the first time, you can replay again to explore some areas you never got to, do some of the main story temples you never got to, go beat some shines, do other side quests, collect Korok seeds, or just fuck around. With Zero Dawn being much more Limited their isn't much else to offer after 1 or 2 playthroughs. And what you can do in that game will begin to wear out faster than the fun to be had in BOTW.

Conclusion - Zelda 46/50 - Zero Dawn 45/50. Both games are amazing and both games offer so much fun to be had. Its sad that Zero Dawn is a far more limited game, it could have been much better. Imagine being able to hunt flying robots, either hunting them down while they landed, or using the long neck robots to hunt them in the sky, and then once you probe them you can fly on them across the sky, getting from 1 area to the next in a much faster way than just walking. Imagine if you had exclusive robots for every area that you could mount, such as a sand like robot that could speed across the sand, or a robot made to swim across large areas of water. Adding more mount robots like those would offer more fun to traveling across the world, and it would add some new elements to hunting various new styles of robots. With a world like Zero Dawn their is room for so much fun things to do, but sadly its what it is, which still isn't bad.

Despite Zelda winning, I just don't think its fair to compare these 2 games. 1 game is set in a fictional world with magic and technology, a truly fictional world where anything is possible. The other is set in a world based off of ours, a post apocalyptic future where Humans are fighting on the brink of survival, where besides advanced technology the laws of physics in the game match our world. So its still a very limiting game in that since, which is why its unfair to compare the 2. 1 game was made with much more freedom, the other is set in a world without the kind of freedom Zelda has. But even with its limitations it does everything so well, making it a very enjoyable game. So 1 thing we can all agree on is the future looks bright for these 2 game series. BOTW will bring out a new age of Zelda, which may lead to something much better in the future. And Zero Dawn leaves the hope for a sequel that will do everything good the game did, but offer much more freedom for the player to have. So don't fight over these games and don't be a little [email protected]#$! when someone says one is better than the other. Just be glad that we are in an age to where we have amazing games such as these.

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