Topic: Which Starter Is Best In Pokémon Black 2?

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So, I recently revisited Pokémon Black 2 and I was wondering which starter is the best to choose from cause I always choose and it works out sometimes.



Hi there,
It'll be out of fire and water. Most of the early wild pokemon and gyms are not kind on grass.
Finger in the air estimate I'd say fire. Water won't do well in the electric cave. But this is an educated guess as I chose grass and have struggled to find a use for Serperior.
Ah such a good game, hope you enjoy!



Serperior is great with access to coil and strong physical moves. But its moveset is not super varied so it will be very specific when it comes to types to put it against.

But it's perfectly fine for the main story. You can always catch other things for type coverage.

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Haven't played in ages but I love Snivy 😅 my absolute favourite Pokémon besides Umbreon

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While the Snivy line is my favourite in Gen V, and Chikorita in Gen II, the two grass-type families aren't particularly versatile.

I generally find that the fire starters are the best overall as fire types are generally harder to come by, and learn a greater variety of moves (typically affording early access to fire/ground/dark moves).

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