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Thanks for the wishes guys! I had a good day, and I got an eShop card and the Dark Pit Figma, which was a big surprise!

Now Im gonna help myself to that squid cake

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It's my birthday today. Bleh.

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I already said on BL but I will repeat it, happy birthday @happy mask.
@captain squid happy late birthday and @aviator

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Today is my birthday, and I'm happy. I woke up, and my friend came into my room and gave me a $10 bill.
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Happy Birthday, my friend! I hope you have fun on your birthday!

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Big-Luigi wrote:

what's your favorite game...

Probably Animal Crossing New Leaf or Mario Kart 7.

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I turned 18 today, so, yeah. Wish I could have a Pikmin themed cake, but hey, I'm play P3 so that's more then enough!


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Happy Birthday.. from yours truly.. and my sister and GF..

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Happy birthday @WingedFish! I hope you're enjoying Pikmin 3 as much as I am!

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