Topic: How Fast Can You Finish Your Games ?

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@YusseiWarrior3000 If you thought that was short then Sonic gen will have you beat, it can be beaten in a day actually, its very short.

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All of them in seconds, literally seconds



@Snatcher ESPACIALLY the 3DS version.

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Started Xenoblade Chronicles about 3 months ago - I'm only at Chapter 9 so approx. 50% complete I think. Not something I feel like playing in short bursts, so usually only play it at weekends and get distracted by other stuff too - usually Picross related.

I've actually got a similar play-time with Xenoblade and Picross S3 (30-35 hours). Difference is I finished Picross in under 2 weeks.



Probably never. I've been playing the same game for three years. The game is Valorant. I'm almost at the highest level now. I was comparing it to the website overboost. And I got my account up very well. And it will probably be hard for me to part with this game

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