Topic: Do you still play the first Game you ever played?

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Does anyone still play the very first game they ever played/that got them into gaming?

How has it aged?

Is it still as fun now as it was back then?

Do you still play it on the original console it was released on or do you play a port or remastered version on modern consoles?

The first game I ever played was 'Sky Wars' which wasn't a console game but a 'Video Challenger' game. (You had to put a VHS in a VCR and CGI graphics against real footage would appear on-screen to shoot)
Those Games were never re-released so the first console game I played was 'Super Mario Bros' on the NES.
I still do play this game every now and then and have had it seven times (NES, SNES, GBC, GBA, Wii VC, 3DS VC and the Game & Watch)
The overworld music reminds me of playing it on Saturdays as a kid.
I still get fun out of this Game and even though I don't have the NES we had as a kid, I will play this via the NSO Sevice. I actually do like the SNES version and will play that occasionally too, again on the NSO Service.
Out of the classic 'Super Mario' Games (1,2,3,World), World Is my favourite but the first will always have a special place in my games library.



My first game was probably Pokémon Red or some generic nameless game cartridge that combined several SNES-era titles together (Elevator Action, Contra, Super Mario Bros.). Neither of those have been played or re-bought by me for decades since I first played them as a kid.

Doesn't help that I'm a shallow person who prefers fancy graphics in my games. I'm allergic to 16-bit graphics.


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I still do on occasion. Super Mario All-Stars was the first game I remember playing, and it's my favorite way to play the classic Super Mario Bros. games. Not just because of my sheer nostalgia for SMAS over the NES originals, but also because of QoL improvements such as a save feature for every game. And of course, I love a good Mario game - the original SMB games still hold up today. I kinda prefer playing old-school games on modern consoles like the Switch, mainly because of that convenience factor and that I wouldn't have to have a trying time to get my old game cartridges to work.

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I wish I could. But alas, no wii, and no brawl ): oh wait the emulator!

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Wii Sports Resort I still play it from time to time on my Wii mini.

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My first games were Home Alone and Super Mario Kart on SNES. I still play Super Mario Kart via Switch Online, SNES Classic, or my Wii (hoping to get it on 3DS just to have it there too), Home Alone however, I can't play it because I lost the cart and they never did a modern re-release of it. Wouldn't mind playing it, as unpopular of an opinion it is, I did like Home Alone on SNES.

I have the Game Boy version which is just an 8-bit version of the SNES game.



It's Super Mario Bros. I think I last played it doing a race trying to see who could finish it first with some friends like 7 years ago, unless you count the All Stars version that I played around when it was added to NSO.

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Mine was a Link to the Past, so of course I do. I always play it to 100% completion at least once a year. It's a hella good game.


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Combat for the Atari 2600

No, I haven't played that game in years.

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Not very often, but once in a blue moon. Still not sure if it was Super Mario Bros. or Tekken 3


First Ever game I can think of was either Grannies Garden on the BBC Micro or Breakout on the Toshiba MSX
And no I dont play them any more as god knows where the hardware went and looking back at them, well Grannies Garden was an educational game:

Breakout was damn hard, but one thing I do remember about Breakout, as the storyline is you got sucked in to an MSX computer, when you lost all your lives an animation of a little coffin would come out the cartridge slot at the top of the computer. (Found a You tube play of it, heres the death animation):

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First game I played, no because I don't have an Atari 2600 nor a copy of Baseball.

Game that got me into gaming. Occasionally I still play Super Mario Bros mainly when I get a nostalgia kick. The last time I played it was last year sometime when I got the SMB Game and Watch.

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@Sunsy OMG Home Alone was good. I remember renting it when I was a kid from the local video store. As a game based off a movie license it was one of the better ones. I remember when you lost a life in that game a screen with Kevin would pop up and you would hear the Home Alone scream. The first time that happened my mom who was in the kitchen heard it and came running into the room thinking that my brother and I were fighting or something lol.

I found a copy of it a few years ago at a retro gaming convention and bought it without hesitation. It think it only cost me like 5 to 10 dollars.

Such a fun game indeed.

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LEGO Batman 1 and NSMB Wii were my first two, I haven't played either for quite a bit...

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The first game I remember playing is either Mario bros Wii or Mario 64 ds. Yes I still play them, but only every few years.



The first game i ever played was pong so no not really. I doubt anyone still plays that with what he have today.



@Tasuki Yup, that's the one. I remember when I got my SNES, my parents rented both Home Alone and Super Mario Kart. Had fun with it, even years later. Later on both games actually became the first games my parents bought me as they mostly rented games for the first few months. Wanted to make sure I got games I enjoyed.

The Game Boy one was more or less the same concept, just in 8-bit, and the screen didn't scroll (would go onto the next scene when Kevin reached the edge of the screen) and was a bit clunky compared to the SNES version.

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i don't exactly remember what was my first video game. but when i was about 4-5 years old, we used to own an N64, PlayStation and Windows 95 or 98. if i we're to guess, i'd say Jazz Jackrabbit and Super Mario 64 were my first games. (i also used play Diablo, Doom, Sonic CD, Sonic & Knuckles, Starcraft, Frogger 3D, Paper Mario).

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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@Sunsy Yeah I remember seeing pictures of the Gameboy version, probably in Nintendo Power and saw that it was similar to the SNES version, I never played it though. I do remember that the NES version was alot different then the SNES and Gameboy versions.

Then of course there was the game based off the second movie on SNES. I remember renting that one because I enjoyed the first one and OMG I was disappointed.

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@Tasuki I felt the same way. I could never get passed that chef as a kid. Also hated that one character who grabbed Kevin and gave you and instant game over. The first Home Alone game was a lot more fun.

Funnily enough, I never got past that chef until I saw an episode of AVGN, lol. Long after I got the game. I do remember the third level, the uncle's house. The traps were kind of fun to mess with on that level.


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