Topic: A proper intro from one of NL's new writers 😎

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@Slowdive I always find that I have a better time when everything is a surprise! If I was a fan of Smash Bros, I can imagine every Direct would be great, but sadly, I am a fan of the more niche-big titles like Ace Attorney and Paper Mario.

I would love to see Life is Strange, though! I actually own all the games and spinoffs, but never played LIS2 or Tell Me Why... I should get around to that.

More ports in general would be nice, even though that's just "I want to play this game again, on a different platform" but I'm sort of gently hoping for something new like Famicom Detective Club (which I know isn't NEW new, but definitely new to me, and unexpected!)

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More on True Colours would be great, as well as a bit more about the Remaster, @KateGray .... Have to see what else SE has, too

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@KateGray I've been meaning to ask you a question, O Staff Writer, but I've been hesitant because you might consider it kinda personal. (It's a warm and muggy Saturday in June, and you know how important those are around here. So, if there is a time to ask, it would be now...) I mean, you've settled in very nicely here among the ravening masses on NL. Well, here goes:


If you could be a furball, what colour fur would you choose?

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Slowdive wrote:

Good choices! Though I like big titles, I also appreciate the somewhat smaller ones. I'm sure there will be something for everybody. There's so much stuff that's on the table.

I completely agree with this statement, it also works if you changed the L in "titles" to an I instead!

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@COVIDberry I normally default to a sort of low-saturation dusty rose colour. Soft, warm colours are my vibe!

I will never stop asking for Ghost Trick on the Switch


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