Topic: What do you think of the loading times on this site?

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It starts off quick for me then the ads pop up and slows. I hate when I'm about to read, then BAM the ad scrolls me down to make room for the ad. This is mostly desktop for me. I'm worried this site could end up like those slow loading overload sites like wiki-fandoms. I hope they don't implement pretentious UI or animations just to get to an article.

Plus I don't think the slideshow background during login is necessary, sometimes I have to wait for the background slideshow to settle in order to login smoothly. Logging in too quick just screws it up.

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@Vivianeat could you email ([email protected]) some screenshots before/after changes for the ads loading, we try to do what we can to minimise screen “shift” like this as I know it’s annoying.

As for the login, that won’t be related to the background images. It’s the Google invisible Captcha that we use to detect bots, so logging in super quickly is probably being considered a potential bot.

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