Topic: I need ideas for my Real Life Mario Kart Battle Movie

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Hi guys, i need some help...
So last year my friends and i had an over the top "Mario Kart Battle" tournament. We made these sweet karts, added some balloons, and used roman candles to pop them. Then we made a youtube video from it ( . It was like a dream come true that day, seriously it was so much fun.

Since it was so much fun (and we still have all the karts/props), we decided to have one last battle and make another youtube video out of it.

My questions are:
How should we layout our track? Should we do a big oval? a small square with lots of obstacles to hide behind? Should we try and recreate a map from one of the games?

What characters should we include? So far we have: Mario, luigi, peach, daisy, yoshi, dk, diddy kong, lakitu, toad, waluigi, and wario

Should we film the competition like we did last time (we did 3 rounds and i edited it down to one) ? or Should we turn it into a movie and have like acted out sequences?

Last time i had a castle and a few warp pipes around the track, what other things could i add? I already have a giant chain chomp and a giant Bob-omb (along with the castle and warp pipes).

Any other suggestions??

Please note: We know shooting roman candles at eachother is dumb and a little dangerous. But we do take safety precautions: We are using very low powered (and non reporting) roman candles, everyone is required to wear eye protection, fire extinguishers/hoses are kept nearby, and a lot of us are trained professionals (emt, doctor, firefighter, engineers).


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