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Hey guys!
New member here; I have as of now 185 DS games in my collection. I tend to collect games of any genre that are at least worth playing, have a weird backstory or even great music! I am currently getting 15 more games to reach 200! Those 15 new games will be the rarest DS games possible to find.
I would like to know your opinion on the rarest game for the DS. Criteria I usually follow to guess the rarity is: copies sold worldwide, copies available for instant purchase, the developer & publisher and lastly community ratings!
So which one is the rarest game? (This is open to any region game however it must be a released game)
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[extra question: does anyone have Drone Tactics?]

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I'm not sure what the rarest game is but whatever it may be I can guarantee you that @ogo79 will hook you up.

For only a small payment of $1,000 a month you can be apart of the RDP (rare downloads program) in order to download the rarest and most expensive games at your fingertips.

I'd better be getting a finder's fee for this

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the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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Twilight Princess demo video DS cart, only about 500 or so made for attendees who went to the 2004 E3 when they had a preview. Not sure it came with any special box and it was free so the value is questionable. Not really a game, but it is a DS cart that's pretty rare.

Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, basically a lot like the GCN game but on DS, didn't sell a lot and was one of those come and go titles

Animaniacs Lights Camera Action, it was panned and not many produced.

Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel, they almost always didn't produce Inuyasha games in bulk, and this was the last Inuyasha game created. For North America only.

Electroplankton, physical version might be rare, it was only sold online and at the Nintendo Store in NYC for a short period of time.

999 (9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors), not impossible to find really but definitely not common by any means, if you have so many DS games you may already have this one since the series has and is continuing on the 3DS. I feel it needs a mention since still not everyone is aware!

Giana Sisters DS, the whole series is pretty lauded but they never produce many physical versions of the series (even the WiiU version was under produced in favor of an eShop version)

Metroid Prime Pinball, used that rumble pack for the GBA slot, I've never seen this game again since the early DS days not sure how rare it is but you'd need an OG DS to play it with the extras.

My favorite to talk about, Ganbare Goemon: Tōkai Douchū Daiedo Tenguri Kaeshi no Maki aka Mystical Ninja DS, Japan only. Not many units produced and I can't seem to find it for sale online, but it is mentioned a fair amount. I'm sure it's obtainable somehow though. I found my copy at a specialty store in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

Those are just some that came to my mind. There are a lot of "Top 50 rare DS games" or whatever lists online too, I'd just check there for more at this point. There are at least 2077 DS games in total.

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@Dankykong: Thanks for the info on that preview DS cart, I have some on other games which are just NFS demos but didnt know about Twillight Princess demo video!

I have Animaniacs several times just because its elusive and I have all the other games except Inuyasha (but still haven't started watching the show) and Ganbare Goemon. For Inuyasha people say its rare but I've been watching the cheapest complete copy for around a year now. Ganbare Goemon DS is available in Ebay Europe if you search and probably not available to purchase for Americans but I'm a European so I think I will definitely pick it up!

As for Japanese games I visited Japan and I got many of their rarest DS games, my most prized possession is the Ni No Kuni DS Game with the book, sealed. I also got Zekkyou Senshi Sakeburein which is an exclusive Club Nintendo Japanese game (like Tingles Balloon fight or Nintendo Collections) however, as far as I know it has less than 1000 copies distributed in Japan and currently around 5 of them are on ebay ;P.

My collection is only 180 something games but I have all the games that you would consider worth playing.. So almost all Atlus, Ignition, Natsume, Konami and Nintendo published games that are in these top 50 lists I own them.

I got my eyes currently on Nostalgia, The Dark Spire, Drone Tactics and some obscure official multi-carts and download stations



Well I suppose I based what I said off of what I have or want maybe, not sure what you're actually trying to obtain, if you want just rare or something that's good and rare. (versus 0/10 rating crap and it's rare) Not worth listing the whole lot of em, but with over 2000 to choose from you should be able to find some goodies!
Ni No Kuni DS with the book was on sale for $19USD for months on Play Asia, seems unusual, but undesirable for it to take so long to sell 500 units worldwide. But I guess that makes it rare.
Mystical Ninja isn't expensive, it's just not common to come across in the wild. Online stores make it easier to find thankfully lol. It was only ¥2000 which is only about €16/$20USD. That's what I paid for it as well.

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