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I recently found my DSTT R4 card so I downloaded a kernel to it and got a few games on it. it worked fine for a few days but all of a sudden it keeps crashing when trying to load certain games.
ive tried reformatting(I took everything off of the disk and added the games back into it)
Ive tried pulling it in and out multiple times.
nothing has fixed it.
what do I do?



I don't think talking about R4 3DS is allowed here.

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@Soyuzguy123 Your post probably violates the Community rules for illegal activity.
While you can discuss Roms and the likes in general, troubleshooting would likely veer into a banned discussion topic.
Your best bet would be to find forums that explicitly allow such discussion due to different moderation policies.



Yeah, while we do allow general conversation about modding older consoles, and casual talk about roms, asking for help or instructions is a bit of a grey area we’re not really comfortable with.

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