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So, I had a few spare DS lite parts laying around, so I thought I'd try this.
The paint application could have been better but I'm happy with how it's turned out. Untitled
What do you guys think? Anyone done anything similar?

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It would've been better twith the Wario upside down, that way it would be staring at others while you play.


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That's great!

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@Meowpheel I did consider doing that, but when the system is closed I think having his face that way up makes more sense. If I do another, maybe I will try that instead.



@TrubbishForMayor I love it, great job. How do you go about doing such customisation, and what, if anything, would you change about the way you did it next time?

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@gcunit Thanks! This DS is actually made up of several different DS's. Prior to making this I had essentially 'mixed and matched' some broken/scratched up DS systems, and so this one is made up of the salvageable remains.
The paint job was just done with some POSCA painting pens. I really should have used spray paint, but had none to hand at the time, so it could be much nicer that what I've done.

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