Topic: Which "Secret Fighter" Smash amiibos are you gonna get?

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Out of the Secret Fighters listed on the Smash website (Ness, Falco, Wario, Dr Mario, Dark Pit, Ganondorf, R.O.B., Bowser Jr., Mr Game & Watch, Duck Hunt Duo and Jigglypuff); whose amiibo are you gonna get?

I'm definitely getting R.O.B, Bowser Jr., Game & Watch (if he looks good) and Duck Hunt Duo.

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All of them if I can.

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Don't think Jr is really considered secret since he's in the starting roster on the Wii U version. lol

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Mr.Game and Watch!Duck Hunt!Dr.Mario and Ness!

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oh what one would i want? oh you know all of them! these little guys have got me addicted i may need rehab



Definitely Duck Hunt.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Ganondorf and ROB would be an instant buy.

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I would love to get the Lucina Amiibo figure.



it would be nice if Nintendo did offer those who got both versions of smash the opportunity to buy mewtwo as well. i would love having him added to the rest and making him exclusive to the ones who did buy both versions would make it all the better



Definitely Lucina and Dark Pit. Though I look forward to seeing how Mr. G&W, Wario, Bowser Jr. and Dr. Mario will look as well.

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All, but Dark Pit is definitely the highest of priorities out of all of them



Based on the choices, Dark Pit to go with Pit, Jigglypuff to go with Pikachu, and maybe Bowser Jr since he's my favorite male mario character.

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I'm going to preorder a Dark Pit amiibo at three different gamestops to ensure I get one. I had two preorders for Pit, and one got cancelled. That's a fifty percent success rate! So it'll be three preorders this time, just to be safe...If I do get the other two, I'll keep the second one boxed for myself and give the third away to someone.

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Duck Hunt, Ness, game & watch and maybe Dr. Mario.




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Falco and hopefully Charizard will get a release.



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