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I was wondering if those 2 new amiibos from fire emblem echoes shadows of valentia will be rare? I dont even have a new 3DS yet but I maybe want to give the game a chance (I never played fire emblem, I only know it from smashbros) and so offcourse also buy the amiibos then. I pre-ordered them just in case they become rare and hard to find like the botw amiibos. Do you guys think these two are going to be hard to find?



They might grab some attention later on if the 2 Switch games will use them but tbh from the sound of it you're not into them so it may just be a waste since you can't even use them.

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If you have issues, much like myself, and find that you won't be able to sleep unless you have EVERY amiibo in your collection, get them!
If you plan to play this game and and want to incorporate toys to life, get them! Otherwise, don't get them.
My genuine advice to everyone is don't do amiibos kids!

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@Meowpheel My browser does that occasionally. Probably a glitch on your end.




I hear the N2 Elite android app can support the 2 new Fire emblem amiibos,

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