Topic: 5 Million+ Amiibo Sold - How does this affect your view on them?

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With the news that over 5.7million amiibo have been sold, these can pretty much be counted as a success!

As part of this discussion, how do we think this affects the collectible nature and long-term value of amiibo?

I have bought half a dozen. I buy the one's I like. I have only opened my Mario so far (mainly because the in game uses have so far not interested me). Part of me wants to open them and enjoy them - the build quality is very good and I hope for better integration in future games! The other part of me has heard about their "rareness" and thinks boxed is wise. The "rarest" one I have is a Marth

But, with this 5million+ figure, can we now say that amiibo are officially mass-produced, common toys, and any chance of long term collectible nature/value is small?

Say 24 models have been released so far. That's nearly a quarter of a million of each (assuming an even spread - part of the discussion here no doubt)

To be honest this would be a relief. I can start buying whichever I want rather than fretting about the arguably frivolous long term value argument

Thoughts people?

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I never got them with the intent of making a return so the "long term value" doesn't bother me. I look at in them in the same way that I look at some of the plushies I've got or CDs or games in general. I get ones that I want to get and I get them for enjoyment either because I really, really wanted it or because it's decent and it fills a gap in my small collection. The only way that "rareness" impacts me is in my ability to obtain some that I do want which happen to be rare. I've only "really" wanted five Amiibos so far (Mario, Pikachu, MegaMan, Bowser, King Dedede), only one of those was "rare" and it's the only one I haven't got.

If the shelves were bulging with Amiibos? I'd have the same Amiibos I have now, I probably would have got more because "walking out with an extra Amiibo" is a thing. Though I would have still enjoyed them as I have and if anything the whole deal would have been more enjoyable. The only difference would be that I would probably have got King Dedede today rather than Rosalina.

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Nice answer

I also don't buy for a return whatsoever and have only bought the ones I like the aesthetic of.

However, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't kick myself were I to find out in a few years that one or more were hugely valuable, had I kept it packaged. Especially if the in-game usage remains so tepid.

That's not hypocritical - I kind of would prefer them to NOT be a collectors thing




Pahvi wrote:

5.7M per some 9.2M Wii U consoles, so less than one for each console. Now I see them as an OK product by Nintendo, but nothing that has caused people to lose their marbles over them... well, those who hadn't already done so over other things.

Don't forget major stock issues were a problem. Many of the characters sold out in days.

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If they sold that much with all the crazy stock issues then I can only imagine how much they could have sold with greater stock. They should really get on fixing that.

I'm not going gaga over the amiibos but they are cute. Maybe I'll pick up a couple I like when/if they get back in stock.

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I see them as having a lot of money-making potential for Nintendo that will never be realized IF Nintendo is unable or unwilling to fix the problems with stocking them. Only own three and another one is on the way (Yoshi, Peach, Kirby, and Bowser) because the stock issues made me a lot less interested in them.



Imagine how many sells there would be if they actually had a larger quantity...

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I can only imagine how much money Nintendo as lost by not stocking properly.


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half the install base of wii u's, thats impressive

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It looks like Amiibos will be here to stay. Also, we'll probly see more game series get the amiibo treatment.




I think it's great for the people that enjoy them, but I personally do not like how they are implemented. I don't like DLC anyway, and physical DLC is worse. Obviously a win for Nintendo, and they are playing up the hype, by limiting certain ones. I think all of them will get second and third runs, and then of course they always said they'd do the same figures as cards later on, making them easier to get.

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I would guess there's an audience of about a million amiibo fans world wide who are going to buy more if they can afford them/are able to actually buy them.

The big problem Nintendo has is that due to stock restraints, various shops are limiting ALL the amiibo's to one pre order per customer, not just the rare ones. This means if for some reason I wanted to buy 10 mario amiibo to decorate my christmas tree or whatever, I'd have a really hard time getting them all from one shop, so even if Nintendo has a lot of them in their storeroom, I can't buy all of them. Without sorting out this stock issue, Nintendo will have trouble selling bigger numbers. I sort of wonder if they should have priced them higher so they could use the excess profit to pay for any unsold overstocks? Plus they should have said they were concentrating on 12-20 figures in the first 6 months and restocking them, before moving in a to a totally new range later on.

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I still really like amiibo. I use them daily for hyrule warriors and I like the other onetime unlocks they have. I'm not a fan of the low shipments even though much of that is just high demand and a steady rotating production schedule. So while I understand I think after I get all of the smash ones I'm done.

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