Topic: You wanted a Christmas release for Nintendo 3DS? Well, you may be in for a rude awakening....

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Yesterday night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", Jimmy asked Reggie about a possible release timeframe for the 3DS, and Reggie said "next year".

I for one am rather surprised that Nintendo would forgo a holiday release for Nintendo 3DS, but who knows, does the DS Lite/DSi still have a holiday season to themselves, or is Reggie playing mind games with the public?

Well, it will mean a longer savings time for a few people but for others it may have been a big disappointment.

What do I think? E3 was just a test-run so more work on the 3DS means something more will be included to keep us all interested.

So, 3DS for 2011, yay or nay?

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I was expecting this from the start..... But in all honesty I'd be waiting 6 months any ways, 2 or 3 more won't be that bad....
(scratchs eyes out, out of impatience) I WANT MY 3D OCARINA OF TIME NOW O.O

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I wasn't really expecting it this year at all. I mean, all the demos at E3 were extremely minimal... most weren't even playable. Clearly these games need more development time.

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I coulda sworn I read somewhere else that it was coming about a year from now, so I'm not surprised. Sure as hell saves me money, that's for sure.

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Good, good. I can devote more time to my Wii and FF: 4HOL this Christmas. :3



pixelman wrote:

Good, good. I can devote more time to my Wii and FF: 4HOL this Christmas. :3


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I cant decide weather I'm happy or sad. Half of me wants it ASAP, but the other half wants to wait a while. Well at least we have a better idea of when its coming out...

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SuperMarioFan96 wrote:

I wasn't really expecting it this year at all. I mean, all the demos at E3 were extremely minimal... most weren't even playable. Clearly these games need more development time.

This. It obviously wasn't going to be ready by November for an Xmas release. I'd rather there be a March release anyways. More time to get through my DS games, and hopefully less panic and mobbing the stores as their would be for xmas (Still a lot; we can see how long it took to be able to reliably find a Wii in stores, but ANYTHING's better than xmas). I'm still waiting to hear about some crucial features that will make me decide if I'll even buy it on/near launch or not, so I'm not at the point where I care about the launch day, per se.

Plus also, being a grown-up, I don't get game systems from Santa anymore; I have to buy my own. Not having one more thing competing for my limited money around the holiday season is fine with me. Also, I'M the one who has to fight the rabid xmas shopping moms if I decide it is a must buy on launch day. If you think about it that way, for you kids who DO rely on X-mas presents, there'd still be a fairly large chance you wouldn't see it under the tree anyways, given how Ninty loves to play the "it's selling so much we have a shortage, omg it's so popular, so you should buy it too" card. This is an especially good marketing tactic for X-mas, because:

1) Toy gets named "the hot xmas item you must have or you are a crappy parent" by the media, because it's selling out. Free advertising.
2) Kids see advertising and news hype up product. Their friends are all getting it. Their parents promise to get them said toy.
3) Half the parents can't find said toy, but they can't put IOU's under the tree, so they buy something else. Retailers profit, as does Nintendo if replacement present is a Wii game or something.
4) Parents can't break promise to get the kid the original toy; they buy it after xmas. So now they've spent more money. Profit for everyone.

No thanks. I would like to skip the mom-maulings that would come with the purposeful extreme shortage an X-mas release would bring. Not so much pressure to create an artificial extreme shortage any other time of the year, because parents will just wait until they find what they want.

It's not like settling for DK is the worst thing in the world.

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While I'm a bit disappointed, I expected this from the start. Either way, it gives me more time to save up for the thing.

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Token+Girl wrote:

Plus also, being a grown-up, I don't get game systems from Santa anymore; I have to buy my own.

Sucks to be grown up, doesn't it?
(Actually, my parents could never afford to buy me a game system as a kid, so in some ways I'm more spoiled as an adult...)

Kidding aside, I totally agree with your points. Launching a new product like 3DS around Christmas would make the crazy shopping season even worse. Launching in 2011 seems like it will make things easier for buyers, and Nintendo will benefit from moving the (more profitable) DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL systems that are already in the supply chain or being manufactured.


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Yeah, I hear you, plus all my paychecks that don't go to necessities end of November/December go to Xmas gifts for others.

On the other hand, while I did get game systems for X-mas; it's nice to have the freedom to buy the games I want whenever I want. I definitely get more now than I did when my parent's did the buying. The Wii's not that expensive a hobby, and with a job you don't have much time to play anyways (so fewer games straining your budget). Tho, the fact that you aren't buying as many games because you're at work is pretty depressing.

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lol damn, like everyone else I guess I just gotta see the bright side to this. I watched it last night as well and was waiting to see what everyone else thought about the slip, I guess the good news is whatever xmas money I get can go towards it.

All I have to say to this release date is....Drats, foiled again!

To each his own.


I'm cool with it. Nintendo needs time to make sure the 3DS is perfect before they release it and it gives me time to prepare my wallet for it too.



Crud! It won't make it in time for xmas!

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A Christmas release would have been WAY too soon. I'm not sure why anyone would have expected it to be a Christmas release.


I'm not surprised by it moving out of the X-mas season. While it appears a lot of 3rd party devs do have the dev kits and are making wonderful-looking games, the actual quality of them could be jeopardized by trying to get them out for a November launch. Not a whole lot of the 3DS games shown at E3 were playable, no? Anyway, Nintendo has a huge lineup of titles for Wii, such as Wii Party, Metroid: Other M, Kirby's Epic Yarn, DKCR, and not to mention 3rd party titles like Conduit 2, coming out for the Christmas season that could not move as many numbers if "Santa" was pressured to choose between the newest gaming system and the Wii. Also, Nintendo, along with 3rd parties, showed a lot of new and exciting DS games like Ghost Trick, FF 4HOL, Layton and the Unwound Future and M vs. DK MM whose slaes also could be threatened by the 3DS's launch. Also, this should gives me more time to get more money to buy these games!

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We are listening to Reggie why?
He's never right, and looks like the kinda guy that would be intoxicated when he goes on TV.

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i died a little on the inside.

but theres still hope **looks at the sky while raising his hand dramatically**


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