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I currently own a dusted up 2DS somewhere, I've sort of fallen out of favor with its design and small screen.

I was recently planning on purchasing the Nintendo switch, ( hey you said switch why aren't you in the switch sub-forums! ) I'll tell you why, recently I've noticed the announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS Extra Large! I was kind of confused enough already before that wrench was thrown in.

( Hey you said 2DS! ) I'm getting warmer, I promise. I'm here to question if there is any point at all to owning a 3DS and a Nintendo switch both. Personally I like Pokémon, but do I like it 200+ dollars worth? Possibly.. do I like it enough to play it on 3DS if it comes out and makes use of the Nintendo switch hardware? Probably not.

I know the game library is huge on the 3DS, but I'm a fan of the switch design and resolution upgrade, i'm also a big fan of Pokémon...

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Don't think too much about it. If you replace your 2DS with a New 2DS XL you're not going to gain access to huge amounts of new content. Is it a better 3DS? Definitely. Do games run better on the New 3DS processor? Yes. But it's not like you can't play Pokemon or Animal Crossing on the 2DS.

But the Switch will allow you to play content you couldn't otherwise play. You can't play Zelda:BotW on a 2DS or Super Mario Odyssey. If/when they release Pokemon on the Switch it'll be a version of the game you can't play on the 2DS. Buying a New 2DS XL won't give you access to this content either. And the Switch will allow you to play these games on your TV, the 2DS is portable only.

Always buy the bit of hardware that will give you access to more content.

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@YouSillyHumans If Pokémon is your bag, it might be worth holding off on making a decision on hardware until after E3...there's been a long running rumour about Pokémon Stars (a 'HD' version of Sun/Moon) possibly coming to Switch before too long - if it's coming this year, we'll hear about it first at E3

...even though the Switch is a hybrid console, I have my doubts that we'll see a mainline Pokémon game on the system any time soon - Tsunekazu Ishihara, the head of the Pokémon Company, often seems to suggest that the franchise suits handheld systems (DS etc) better for some reason (?!) ...time will tell!

...with E3 just around the corner though, it might be worth holding off until then (13-15 June) - we'll have a much clearer picture as to what both systems will offer in the next couple of months

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Thanks guys, I will probably wait it out then, and I would probably end up going with the 3DS with facial tracking over the 2DS in the case Pokémon continues to thrive on the DS systems, I agree it seems weird they wouldn't consider the switch handheld enough but something tells me their profitable DS sales have something to do with it.



@YouSillyHumans Well, it's a chicken and the egg situation. Is Pokemon popular because it's on a fast selling system or do their handhelds sell as well as they do because of Pokemon? Anyway, definitely wait till E3.



@Octane Funny, I just posted "chicken and egg" in the Zelda thread at the same moment you were posting that.

With Pokemon it's a mix. It was popular because it was popular AND late in the popular GB's life. Since then I think the handhelds sell because Pokemon more than the other way around, BUT Pokemon targets older handhelds because it can't maximize sales without a huge existing install base.

It's symbiotic.

OTOH I hadn't considered the terror running through the boardrooms at Playstation and XBox after the Switch reveal as a home console portable: "O.M.F.G, we're competing against POKEMON now!!!"


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