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So when Nintendo announced the closure of the e shop I went on to download some software and noticed that for some reason I have a copy of Pokémon X that I never paid for

My 3ds is a pre owned PAL 3dsXL obtained on 2013 with data transfered from a PAL 2ds I obtained in 2013 and reset in 2016 due to Nintendo network ID linking problems with my Wii U

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@Aidanmatt72 Sounds like someone had the game on the console downloaded at one point.

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@Aidanmatt72 you should give Nintendo a cheque for the cost of the game! ;p

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Thanks for the responses @Snatcher the console was formatted and is not a special edition console (blue and black 3ds XL pal version) @ralphdibny it's over 13 thousand blocks no way that is just a patch

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Club Nintendo once had a “buy a game get a game free” promotion where they gave you a digital copy of either X or Y after registering a game from a list of titles, perhaps you used that promotion and just forgot?

The other option is that one of your systems came with the game pre-installed, and you simply never realized. That type of pack-in games are deleted when you do a system transfer, but get added to your account so you can download them again.

These don’t need to be special editions, all kinds of colors and models came with preinstalled games.

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@Eel just learned it was pre installed thanks (Good thing that used game shop never knew) also the club nintendo promotion was only in the US and would not work on my PAL system

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I was just thinking that couldn't the previous owner have bought the game and then when you got the system, it merged their purchases with your account?

I believe that you can buy stuff off the Eshop without linking a Nintendo Network ID, and once someone does link their system to a NNID, all purchases on the system now are tied to that NNID


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