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Last Friday I scored a 2DS XL(Mario Kart 7 bundle) from my local Toys R US on clearance for $60 bucks. Now the question is do I replace my New 3DS XL(Majora's Mask edition) and preserve it for later use? Note, that I don't use the 3D at all as it gives me headaches. I've heard the 2DS XL is much lighter and greater for extended play sessions. I'm kinda torn between the two and would love to hear some feedback!

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If you want your special edition 3DS to stay in good condition for longer, then yes it would be better to switch to the 2DS. You can always transfer your account back and forth in case you want to go back.


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2DSXL is indeed lighter but in my experience it feels cheaper. There's a bit of screen bleed on a lot of models and it feels a little flimsier.
If none of that matters though, or if you don't find them issues (which is fine), then you could always make it your 'main' unit and keep the MM unit in safekeeping.

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