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Wait...SD Micro? I thought it would take a normal one too...WTF? :/

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I have a micro sd card in my tablet right now and it wasn't expensive. I'm sure they will make it easy to transfer the files because I read somewhere that the new system will be able to transfer content to a PC/MAC from the 3DS and vice versa as long as they are on the same wifi network. So maybe that's how you do it?

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the hype is real

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I already have a micro sd card because I was anticipating the successor of the 3ds to only use micro sd.

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I wish I had bought the 32 GB micro sd card that came with the sd adaptor instead of buying the plain 32 GB sd card.


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kkslider5552000 wrote:

BadKitty wrote:

Ah I was wondering when Nintendo was going to finally release their next pawn. You guys do know this thing was already created when the very first 3DS was released right? They just waited for enough people to buy the 3ds to make their pockets happy until there next pawns comes into play.... then comes the XL! And now, New 3DS~! And people will always keep on buying, suckers. Nintendo fans are the most loyal which is why they are the most broke.
To blind to see they are pawns in Nintendo's grand master game.

this is the silliest post in a while

You're silly? That's sad to hear. I can relate I'm dying of silly.
Also hi~ Good to hear fro you again~

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I'm elated and a bit upset that name is terrible I don't want a Wii U repeat of people not knowing the difference.

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Splatom wrote:

ShanaUnite wrote:

They should probably call this new 3DS model "3DSX".

But 3DSX XL isn't a good name.

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I still think 3DSi would have been a good name. Like I said, I think most people know the difference between the DS and the DSi, so naming it 3DSi just seems like a name most people would understand.

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I think I heard Secure Digital(known as SD)announced a 128 GB Micro SDXC card somewhere.
When I preorder,I will get one of those micro SD cards as well so I won't have to worry about how many memory is left.

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mystman12 wrote:

The name definitely could have been better. I would have gone with 3DSi or something, since most people already know the difference between the DS and the DSi, it would make it pretty clear what the New 3DS is. I can see it now...

"Hey Mom, I want a New 3DS for my birthday!"
"Oh, but what's wrong with the one you have now?!"
"Um, nothing, I just want an upgrade Mom!"
"Er, okay then!"
Birthday Day
"It's a... It's a..! 3DS XL?! But I already have one!"
"But, you asked for a new 3DS, and that's what that is. A brand new 3DS right out of the box!"

Okay, I'm sure that won't happen a whole lot, but it's bound to happen at some point. I can also see people thinking it's Nintendo's next gen system.

lol, that does look like a scenario many families will be in.

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Also, I wonder how the will package the new "Xenoblade 3DS" game. Will the box art say "Only for 'New NINTENDO 3DS'"?

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So...can it run Tropical Freeze?
Seriously, I'll buy this new system for Tropical Freeze 3D alone.


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They should keep the "New 3DS" name and make it so it adds "wahs" and bells to the songs of all games it plays.


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According to Google, 18,800 Japanese Yen (new 3DS LL price) is equal to $184.64 dollars. I like that price, it's roughly the same as a regular 3DS XL. They may change the price in the US though, but it'll probably be somewhere around that.

As for the system, it looks like a major improvement, and it's worth waiting for, as someone without a 3DS or XL. My concerns are the battery life and the comfort. This system seems like so much of an improvement, it may consume battery faster. If it ends up having a LONGER battery life (I don't think it will though), I'll probably get it. My other concern is the comfort. It appears to have some texture on the side of it, which would make it easier to hold, I guess. However, I'm mainly skeptical of the flexibility of the c-stick and how it will handle. I hope if it's localized I can demo it at Best Buy or something.

My old 3DS broke (RIP Ambassador 3DS </3), and I was about to get a 3DS XL for MH4U. This looks like the best alternative now, even if it comes out a little after MH4U. For a better experience of the game, I'm willing to wait for a better model.

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baba_944 wrote:

Also, I wonder how the will package the new "Xenoblade 3DS" game. Will the box art say "Only for 'New NINTENDO 3DS'"?

I actually made a box art for Xenoblade 3DS in MS Paint and I had it saying"This game is designed for "New"Nintendo 3DS systems only."

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mystman12 wrote:

@HappyHappyist Actually, the battery life is longer!

New 3DS vs. 3DS battery life:

New 3DS XL vs. 3DS XL battery life:

I was planning on getting the XL version, this is just splendid! and if I need MORE time (MH is demanding, yo), I can adjust my settings.
I guess my last big concern is the shape of the system. Really hoping that c-pad isn't too iffy to move with.

new concern arisen: automatic internet filter. I really hope that can be turned off in the settings. I don't like Nintendo dictating what's good or bad for me. either way, it's not that big of a deal, I suppose. I hardly used the internet on my previous system, so I probably won't spend too much time with this one, despite the fact that videos are now good for streaming!

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I'm fine with the new 3DS models. So.... it's called the Nintendo 3DS LL? That's a mouthful. What does LL mean?
I have no plans on buying it. My basic 3DS is in great condition. I have no need of buying another 3DS system.

The only thing I'm angry about is why we didn't get this Nintendo Direct in English! I don't really care about the more-Japanese games they showed off, but we didn't get a direct on a new 3DS system! And we missed a Smash reveal, which kinda ticks me off. They should have announced this a week ago that a Smash trailer was coming just to build up the hype. The last one was amazing and surprising and I loved it. This morning, I went on Facebook and boom, Shulk! There goes the surprise! I want to watch the trailer from the start without knowledge of who will be revealed!



Some people are getting really angry at the announcement of a new system. I don't get it though... allow me to explain by addressing as many arguments as I can think of.

"I bought a 3DS XL YESTERDAY! What am I going to do now??!"
A: This is a next-gen system. Being angry for this reason is like me being angry for buying a PS3 one day before the PS4 was announced. This argument makes no sense.

"I'm an early adopter! I feel betrayed that nintendo released an upgraded version!"
A: The 3DS is over 3 years old. That is a good time lapse for them to release an upgraded version. I bet you were angry when Sony announced the Slim PS3, or when MS announced the XBOX360 Slim. Granted, these systems were given a price drop, along with the upgrades, the "new 3DS" is being released at roughly the same price as the original, which is a good deal for THIS system. The games have always been good, but the hardware is better now. This is a good deal, especially for those who have without a 3DS (like myself).

"The 3DS should've been like this at launch! Why is it JUST NOW getting the upgrade it should have already had at launch?"
A: The 3DS was new technology at launch, and was $250 at launch. No one bought it then until there was a price drop! If this added tech was on the 3DS at launch, it would be EVEN MORE expensive at launch, and we could assume it would easily bomb and would be in a similar, if not worse, condition to the Vita. However, in 2014, the technology has gotten cheaper, which means an affordable upgraded 3DS is now suddenly possible. That's why the system is being upgraded now instead of at launch.

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