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Hello. I currently have all my eShop games spread across 3 SD cards (two 2GB cards, and an 8GB card, which I've barely started using).

I want to move the biggest games (mostly those in the Guild series) to the bigger card to free up space on the smaller cards (which I'll use for VC titles, and other titles under 1000 blocks).

I want to do this by deleting the games from their current SD card, then simply redownloading them to my system when I have the bigger card in it (since you can redownload previously purchased titles at no cost).

My question is about save data. I know you can back up the save data of up to 30 games at a time, but is this backup in the system memory (meaning the save data would still be there when I redownoad the games to the bigger card) or in the current SD card (meaning I'd have to start them over after moving them)?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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The backups are stored on the SD card. I would recommend you back up all three cards to a computer, and then look up how to perform an SD card merge. Note that you cannot just copy paste them together, you will need to muck around with the files on the SD card to get the 3DS to recognize all your installed games.

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Just copy and paste the files into the bigger SD card and you're good to go



Just make back up save files, put the save files on your computer, start up the games on your new SD card, make back up files on them, replace them with the good save files and you are good to go! I did it plenty of times. Oh ya, just make sure you remember the list of games you backed up first as save files for game A don't work for game B.

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I thought this meant games for when you move to a different house


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