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I just bought a copy on eBay. Definitely paid a bit for it too. But seems like everything for Game Cube and 3DS is getting up there in price lately. Looking forward to having a copy of it though. Anyone have thoughts on the game? Closest thing to it I already have on 3DS is Splinter Cell.



I've played Snake Eater on PS2, but never tried the 3DS port. I've wanted to purchase MGS but its difficult to find locally. Don't feel like spending tons of money ordering it online lol

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@DTMOF84 I have never played the Gamecube version, so I can't say how faithful it is to the original one on Playstation. I remember hearing that they did put way over the top scenes that would really bother me if they are true. Because as crazy as the franchise gets (and believe me, it does get insane) those ideas come from many things that have a reason to be and in the end of the day, the protagonists still feel human. I won't spoil it in case it's true, but I think there's an absurd scene with missiles and Solid Snake. Anyway, aside from that, I guess that the gameplay should be great and maybe even better but that would personally ruin a lot of the game for me.

Just in case, I suggest that you search for the original cutscenes to make an appropiate comparison whenever you reach one so that you can see the actual tone of the game, which has always been fantastic. It's my favourite series so I can't praise it enough. Just as any other game it isn't for everyone but there's a reason why it's such a popular series.

Edit: Oh, I also remember hearing that there's many terrible jokes that weren't in the original, that it's considerably easier because of the upgraded gameplay features without changing the enviroment and that the voice acting isnt as good as the original or even bad in some cases. Even some of the soundtrack seems to have changed. Haha, now I'm kinda worried about that game being your first entry to the series.

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