Topic: Just got a Samus Returns 3ds xl that has dual ips screens

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I immediately recognized that the displays looked better but created a new email and network ID before confirming the dual ips displays. Can I transfer my old network Id to the new system and my new systems new network Id to the old one?

I've spent all morning creating new emails and a new Nintendo network Id for my Samus returns 3ds xl only to confirm that it has dual ips displays after the process. My old Nintendo network account is linked to my old 3ds xl which I was initially planning to use more often. My old 3ds xl nnid is linked to my switch and Wii U and now that i have a new account on a new dual ips system, I plan to use the Samus dual ips model as my primary 3ds. Can I transfer my old Id to the new system and transfer my new Id to the old system. I haven't purchased any games on the new one but have activated the account, created a mii and installed spotpass. My issue is that I will be using the new system more often and will probably be downloading a lot of games in the future so for the sake of club Nintendo I hope I can transfer the accounts between the two.

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