Topic: How long will the 3DS family be still supported?

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Probably no longer than 2018. The Switch seems to be intended as a hybrid designed to combine the handheld and console lineup to reduce droughts. The 3DS' existence hampers that strategy. They're keeping the 3DS around because the Switch is a risk for them, but I highly doubt they want it to have a long term future.


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I think Nintendo will want to maintain a presence in the £70-150 price range of hardware, and I wouldn't expect it to be a Switch mini for a while yet. They want the 2DS to do that job for the next couple of years at least, then we'll see what comes after it.

I don't see why they wouldn't produce another DS, still compatible with all current DS and 3DS games, but with a higher res screen and beefier CPU and RAM, so that they can raise the bar of DS games again.

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