Topic: How do I send an eShop game to a friend?

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I bought Fire Emblem: Awakening and told my friend about the game, and it sound like she would be really into it, so I want to gift it to her as a gift. But I can't find anywhere that says "Buy as gift" or something like that. I know you can redeem a download code, so I assume you can buy the code for a game and send your friend the code?



You can purchase a download code for the game here:

EDIT: Scratch that. That will get you a U.S. code for the game. I'm not 100 percent sure, but Nintendo of Europe should have a similar site where you can purchase digital copies of games.

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I think Nintendo Europe should have somewhere you can buy it, but can't seem to find it. I don't know any Danish, but I didn't see anything that looked like you could buy it from the website.
UK site

Don't know for sure if there is something that will help there.

The next best thing I can think of is getting a physical version if you are unable to obtain a download code.
Looks like GAME sells them. I'm pretty sure that a UK code should work for Denmark although I am not 100% sure. Others on the site should be able to confirm it.

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What you can do is buy an eShop card and either mail the card itself or just text/e-mail them the number and code for the card.

Unfortunately Nintendo stopped the gifting games options since the Wii.

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I would prefer to gift her a physical copy, but we don't live in the same country even. So it would be easier to send her a download code. :3

I looked into it and signed up on the site before checking out, but it looks like I need an UK adress to do the purchase. I got a friend in the UK so I can probably figure out something with him. But it is really weird you can't just buy games as gifts in the eShop, like, why not?

Thank you for helping me! c:


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