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Is it just me or am I the only one who is frustrated that Nintendo of America had the audacity to removed the "My Room" minigame from the North American versions of Fire Emblem: Fates. What gives them the right to decide what content is appropriate for us gamers in the US. In response to this I plan on making a petition that will try to convince Nintendo to leave the minigame in the main game as it is. I was wondering if i could opinion and thought from the Nintendo Life community and possibly what approach that I need to take.



The third one today by my count, and again in the most ultimate of ironies, the very active Fates thread is conveniently directly above this one (well below now I guess but you get the picture).

Are the mods here doing ANYTHING to stop the spam of these 'only my opinion counts so here's a thread about it' threads? It's getting beyond a joke really.

Oh and sorry I'm not taking your opinion seriously. Because it's very difficult for me to find even an inch of bothered in me for this 'issue' at this point.

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There are other people frustrated about this. The removal hasn't been 100% confirmed (but is pretty likely). Nintendo of America being the ones releasing/localizing the game for North America gives them the right to decide what its version is like. You could make a petition if you want, but please don't ask for signatures here. For further Fire Emblem: Fates discussion, please use the Fire Emblem: Fates thread.


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'Who gives them the right to blah blah blah blah blah...'

Sorry I said that I couldn't give a damn a few minutes ago but I just got a nagging feeling that I missed something here when I temporarily left and so decided to re-read your comment and I found this brilliantly brilliant phrase.
Truly, who gives Nintendo the right to decide what to do with their product that they invented and have invested a significant amount of money into making the well over a dozen entries into this franchise that they own and can do whatever they like with. Who gives them that right? WHO!?

All I can do is try to amuse myself now that this 'issue' has reached this point. Simple things amuse simple people and all



There's visual evidence that My Room is still in the game. What is gone is, specifically, the skinship minigame. And that one support conversation. And God knows what else.

@TheLastLugia: Thanks for ruining that smiley for me forever, bud. It will now always be the "passive aggressive smiley" in my mind.

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Please, use the fire emblem fates thread to talk about the game
(passive aggressiveness not intended )
(or is it? )

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